Matthew Sprenzel
Owner/CEO, Installation Specialists, Inc.

Early in the discussion and design stages for our new facility, Adina Balasu, of Nelson, spent a significant amount of time learning about our business and ISI’s progressive global image. Although our business involves furniture installation, warehousing and trucking services, it was important to me that our corporate headquarters was warm and welcoming to our employees and clients, encouraging collaboration and a plan for future growth. This became a focus for Adina, also, throughout the project. Her fresh contemporary ideas about bringing natural light into the space, changes in ceiling heights, light fixtures and carpet patterns to define work areas, as well as selecting soft color tones all came together beautifully. ISI works with many manufacturers and dealers, so an additional goal was to showcase several furniture and architectural wall systems. Adina’s creative approach to blend these various furniture styles through the colors and finishes made the transitions between each furniture group seamless. I sincerely appreciate Adina’s hard work and the finished project has exceeded my expectations. It has given ISI a new energy and impresses all who enter ISI’s front door. We have received numerous compliments about our new office space which is evidence that we have achieved our goal; thanks in large part to Adina’s talents.less

June 29, 2013, Matthew was Adina's client



David Moehring
Office for Capital Programs at University of Illinois - Chicago

Adina Balasu is one in the next evolution architectural designers on the verge of being discovered. A context specific design approach results in organic compositions with complex – but functional and natural – spatial relationships as demonstrated in design exercises of the ‘Chameleon’ and the ‘Confluence’. Ms. Balasu’s drive for design innovation and excellence will prove to shape communities and respond positively to the eco-environment. As a colleague, she has helped to form new visions in the way we practice and communicate our design message and philosophy. With Adina's conviction, your next design project is bound to be a success!less

May 18, 2011, David managed Adina at NELSON
Joe Villeneuve
Featured Speaker and Organizer at REcapS Systems

If Adina is involved, she will make your project a winner.

January 9, 2012, Joe managed Adina at Concepts in Design
Patrick Borzenski

Adina was our lead in the Village Market, a 200,000 SF, $30+ million retail project scheduled for the Lakeshore East development in Chicago. She was the essential team member for me; disciplined and direct regarding the milestones and deliverables, yet flexible and patient dealing with the many changes that were presented to us. When the Village Market does get built, a large part of it's success will have originated from Adina's work and coordination.less

June 9, 2009, Patrick managed Adina at Loewenberg Architects
Brian Gordon
VP at Magellan Development Group LLC

Adina Balasu was highly appreciated by the company in her role as Project Architect for the Village Market, a multi-level shopping center, from which she took the design development concept to a permitted set of construction documents. Additionally, Adina helped me in marketing the Chandler commercial space although it was outside of her arena of responsibilities and she created a strong relationship with the client for the company. I highly recommend her as a Design or Project Architect for projects of any size and scope.less

June 16, 2009, Brian managed Adina indirectly at Loewenberg Architects & Magellan development Group LLC



Lenore E. Callahan
Interior Designer

Adina is very creative, hard working and detail oriented individual. Her fun and professional personality makes working with her very enjoyable!

June 21, 2009, Lenore E. worked with Adina at Loewenberg Architects & Magellan development Group LLC



Audrey Auguilar Cruz
Project Architect

It is my pleasure to recommend my friend and colleague Ms. Adina Balasu. I worked with Adina at Loewenberg Architects and have had the pleasure to collaborate with her for over a year in various projects.

Adina is a highly competent, talented and skilled professional in the field of architecture. Her passion for design and attention to detail is quite evident in all her work. Adina truly keeps up with today’s technology and loves helping other people that are not so technical.

As an individual, Adina is a leader and takes action without hesitation. Her enthusiasm to get things done is highly contagious, and has a unique ability to guide others to achieve whatever the task at hand is. She is highly driven, enthusiastic, and a remarkable team player. When Adina sets her goals, she reaches them very effectively and seemingly effortlessly.

To conclude, I would like to restate my strong recommendation for Adina Balasu. She is a visionary and would make a great asset to any organization.

Sara Parkes
Small Business Owner/Manager

I met Adina during my time at Optima Inc. She was the first person to introduce herself and open up her social circle to the new person on staff. As a co-worker, Adina always has fresh ideas and a new perspective. Her comments are insightful, and she is always interested in bettering her own knowledge through questions and independent research. I looked to Adina before...more

May 17, 2009, Sara worked directly with Adina at Optima Inc. (David Hovey)
Christopher Parkes
Architect at Sheehan Partners

I worked with Adina during my time at Optima and I found her to be a highly motivated and intelligent architect. She works and thinks quickly. 
Her ability to communicate her ideas effectively while being very personable is a quality much desired in the architecture field. She works very well in groups, and was a lot of fun to work with. She's down to earth while having a...more

May 18, 2009, Christopher worked directly with Adina at Optima Inc. (David Hovey)
William Smith
Smith Dezine Group

Adina is a very knowledgeable & talented individual and was a great asset to our team at Loewenberg Architects. Very much a team player and we miss her very much.

June 11, 2009, William worked directly with Adina at Loewenberg Architects & Magellan development Group LLC 




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