Higher Education

School of the Art Institute (SAIC)

Role: Project Architect w/Valerio Dewalt Train

Client: School of the Art Institute in Chicago

Program: 19,000 sf Renovation of Common Areas

Status: Built


This 19,000 SF renovation aims to provide a Student Center for the School of the Art Institutes diverse student body. Looking to give a home base for students, faculty and staff, the Center combines spaces for meeting, studying, lounging and dining while offering a sense of identity to the student body, which is currently segregated among several facilities in Chicagos Loop. The Leroy Neiman Student Center, and its small art gallery, is fully equipped with high-end technology, presenting endless opportunity for student interaction and presentation. The Legacy classrooms created four new learning spaces to support continued campus growth.  The new wing boasts exposed concrete floors and structure, generous ceiling heights and an eye-level view of the Chicago El tracks with very little of the noise.


Wilbur Wright College


Role: Project Designer w/RADA Architects

Client: Wilbur Wright College

Program: Math & Physics Science Labs & Student Common Spaces

Status: Built


The Science Labs Renovation at Wilbur Wright College in Phase One includes state-of-the-art interior renovation of selected instructional laboratories – Physics, Electronics and Math Labs are included. The new Electronics Labs are designed to accommodate each 28 students in a new, high-tech collaborative space. The additional borrowed daylight through new glazed openings in the wall and the “Nature Indoor” elements contribute to this innovative learning environment.


Chicago Confuluence


Role: Project Designer

Client: Competition

Program: Innovation Center

Status: Unbuilt



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